Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my trailer raise & lower unevenly? (ADA Trailers Only)
A. It is independent hydraulic suspension. The curbside of the trailer is slightly heavier so it will often go down first and come up last.

Q. I have an on-board battery. Why don’t the lights work?
A. The electrical load of the trailer is over the capacity of the battery. It is only intended to operate the hydraulic suspension.

Q. How does the toilet work in the ADA module?
A. It is a macerator style toilet, which means it grinds and pumps waste into the holding tank at the same time flushing with fresh water.

Q. Can the trailer be hooked directly to sewer and gravity drain?
A. No. This unit is not designed or intended to gravity drain. However you can use a portable semi-trash pump to pump the waste into the sewer.

Q. Is this ADA unit compliant?
A. Yes. The accessible portion of the toilet trailer is built to the best of our knowledge to meet or exceed the guidelines according to the ADAAG. It has also been inspected by a third party and determined to conform to all applicable portions of the ADAAG.

Q. Is this unit compliant in my state and/or county?
A. State and county codes can vary. We have built the accessible portion of the toilet trailer to meet to ADAAG, you will need to check your state and county codes for any differences.

Q. What is the electrical requirement for the trailer?
A. In most cases, a standard 120 Volt 15 Amp service will be sufficient. However if your unit is equipped with optional water heaters you will need two separate 120 Volt 15 Amp receptacles on two separate breakers.

Q. Do I need a pressure regulator when connected to city water supply?
A. No, trailer plumbing has been hydro tested to 80 PSI and standard city water pressure is normally between 50 to 75 PSI.

Q. Can I raise the trailer off the ground when the tank is full?
A. No, the hydraulic system is not designed to lift the additional weight. When the waste tank is full it adds approximately 2500 lbs. to your trailer.


If you have any questions that are not addresses in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us at (574) 607-3313.