3-Stall (WC16)

WC16 3 StallThe UltraLav 3-Stall targets larger gatherings with its three restrooms and extra large 450 gallon holding tank (1300+ flushes). Perfect for weddings, golf outings, corporate functions, and other upscale special events; even the most discriminating guest will find the accommodations "up-to-par".

The UltraLav 3-Stall is engineered to be easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to use, and best of all . . . easy to maintain. Our unique modular approach to restroom design makes the UltraLav series the most owner-friendly restroom trailer on the market. Almost every component is easily accessible and replaceable including: the surface mounted plumbing, sink/countertop, fixtures, flooring, and even the 1-piece ceiling. Just call UltraLav customer service. Our quick turnaround means you're never out of service for long!

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